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Optical Window

  • Cross-line Reticle

    Cross-line Reticle

    Reticles are clear glass discs marked with scales or patterns, which fit into microscope eyepieces at the internal real image plane. This is the intermediate image of the object under inspection produced by the objective lens of the microscope. By placing the reticle at this... Contact Now
  • UV Fused Silica Wedge Window

    UV Fused Silica Wedge Window

    UV fused silica wedge window can separate the reflected beam by the front and back surface of the substrates by the slight wedge angle. They can be used as a reference test plate for interferometers and beam samplers. If the wedged window is inserted in the optical path of... Contact Now
  • N-BK7 Wedge Window

    N-BK7 Wedge Window

    N-BK7 wedge windows prevent common issues in laser systems. Highly parallel windows can cause laser instability, mode-hopping and power spikes through unwanted reflections. Likewise, interference effects can occur from highly parallel plates. Wedge windows eliminate these... Contact Now
  • Silicon Window

    Silicon Window

    Silicon is a mono crystal primarily used in semi-conductor and it non-absorptive at 1200nm to 6000nm IR regions. Silicon is commonly used as substrate material for infrared reflectors and windows in the 1.5-8 micron region. The strong absorption band at 9 microns makes it... Contact Now
  • Germanium Optical Window

    Germanium Optical Window

    Germanium is subject to thermal runaway, meaning that the transmission decreases as temperature increases. As such, these germanium windows should be used at temperature below 100°C. Germanium’s high density(5.33g/cm3) should be considered when designing for weight-sensitive... Contact Now
  • CaF2 Window

    CaF2 Window

    Calcium fluoride windows offer superior transmission in broad wavelength range from vacuum ultraviolet to infrared range( 130nm to 8000nm). The CaF2 windows contain low impurities and assure a high transmission in the UV regions. The window has high durability in a high... Contact Now
  • Optical Flat

    Optical Flat

    Optical flat is an optical grade piece of glass lapped and polished to be extremely flat on one or both sides. Optical flat is used with a monochromatic light to determine the flatness of other surfaces. When the optical flat is placed on another surface and illuminated, the... Contact Now
  • Float Glass Window

    Float Glass Window

    Float glass windows are ideally suited for system where weight or space is an important consideration. These windows are offered uncoated and AR coated. They are often used as a protective element between two environments. Commercial grade float glass windows offer commercial... Contact Now
  • Borofloat Optical Window

    Borofloat Optical Window

    Borofloat optical windows are good for high temperature and harsh environment application. Unlike common borosilicate that is drawn flat, botofloat is produced by a float technique that yields superior surface flatness-typically 406 lambda per inch. Borofloat is about three... Contact Now
  • B270 Optical Window

    B270 Optical Window

    B270 optical windows are ideal for commercial application requiring a thin substrate. Available uncoated or with AR coatings, B270 windows are often used as a protective element between two environments. Custom sizes are available for volume OEM quantities and custom coatings... Contact Now
  • Sapphire Optical Window

    Sapphire Optical Window

    Sapphire optical windows contain no impurities and provide high transmission without any absorption covering the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum. Recommended to use these sapphire windows where the most durable surface is required such as cover windows. Sapphire... Contact Now
  • Quartz Window

    Quartz Window

    These optical windows are precision polished on one side to a high accuracy and surface quality. They are suitable substrate to be coated with optical thin film, such as custom-made mirrors. We offer these windows in a wide variety shapes and sizes, thickness and surface... Contact Now
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